Landscape - 25TH & 30TH October 2022

$149.00 inc GST


Date: 25/10/2022

Start time: 6PM

End time: 8PM


Date: 30/10/2022

Start time: 2PM

End time: 6PM

Venue: TBC

Stan – 0403304361


This two-day workshop will help you realise the creative potential of your camera when capturing images in some of the most magical landscape locations.

As a landscape photographer, telling a story and creating a mood leads the viewer into your pictures. If you enjoy being in nature and do not mind the weather – getting cold, wet or muddy, then landscape photography is for you!

Participate in a twilight shoot in one of Perth’s scenic spots to help you build your confidence, perception and your low light photography skills. Learn how to create your own spectacular landscape images for your practice, social media or your living room wall. You will learn the most crucial elements and equipment needed in your kit for professional landscape photography as well as the importance of composition.

You will also develop your eye at perceiving light at different times of the day which will enable you to discern the best camera settings and filters that will make enhancing your pictures a breeze.

Landscape is a 2-day workshop held on a weekday and a weekend.


  • Camera
  • Lenses
  • Tripod
  • Laptop with Lightroom installed (optional)
  • Chargers
  • Appropriate clothing for outdoors
  • ND Filters (optional)


  • A basic understanding of Lightroom (preferable)
  • It is necessary that you have a good understanding of your camera before you enrol in this course. If you would like to refresh your basic camera skills, head to Learn to Shoot.


  • Seeing and capturing light
  • The beauty of landscape photography
  • The best lenses for landscape
  • The fundamentals of perfect exposure
  • Camera settings for landscape photography
  • When to use and when to change different metering modes
  • Interpreting the histogram
  • Focusing – the pros and cons of hyperfocal
  • Why shoot RAW?
  • Selecting a tripod
  • Camera settings for tripod use
  • Depth of Field – how to control it
  • Composition for landscape – the rules and breaking them
  • Subjects for great landscape images
  • Examples of landscape compositions and why they work
  • How to export files off the memory card
  • HDR, stitching and photo stacking
  • The purpose of different file sizes
  • Image output – safe for web, printing, emailing etc.
  • Landscape resources, websites, books, inspiring photographers



Over the last 40 years Stan Davies has been actively involved in many forms of photography; weddings, portraits, sports, landscapes and wildlife. Nothing is more challenging and satisfying than travelling to other cultures and cities to record their way of life. Over the past decade Stan has travelled widely to many exotic destinations photographing the way of life and capturing stunning landscapes.

He has written travel articles on Venice, Budapest, Prague, Kangaroo island, Murchison, Kalgoorlie and Africa. In recent times he has run workshops for Nikon. With so many travel adventures, Stan has become an advocate of the new generation Mirrorless Cameras as they are lighter and conspicuous making them ideal for street photography. Stan’s work can be seen on Flickr, Instagram and Facebook.



We reserve the right to alter or cancel any workshop at any time. Sometimes for reasons including, but not limited to, too few participants, adverse weather, instructor illness, logistical problems or any other circumstances, which may make operation of the workshop inadvisable. If any workshop has to be cancelled by us, then all fees are refunded in full or you may choose another date or workshop.


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