Introduction to Nightscape Astrophotography - 11th April

$149.00 inc GST

Date: 11th April  2020

Start time: 2:00 PM

End time: 5:00 PM.

Venue: 230 Stirling Street, Perth WA 6000, Western Australia

Phone: 08 9228 8232


This theory-based workshop will help you to understand the process on capturing and editing your own nightscape astro photo. It will provide you with a sound understanding of how to frame and capture the milky way over beautiful landscapes.

We will give you the fundamentals of how to produce an eye-catching nightscape featuring the milky way and foreground interests. Learn techniques in Lightroom and Photoshop to enhance your night sky images.

We will cover various topics about nightscape astrophotography such as

  • Choosing the right Camera and Lens
  • Manual focusing in the dark
  • Framing and capturing the Milky Way
  • Calculating the right exposure
  • Editing using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Locating the Milky Way as it changes position throughout the year
  • Ideal locations for capturing nightscapes
  • Community resources
  • Safety & Etiquette for astrophotographers
  • General equipment needed for astrophotography
  • Basics of Nightscape Panoramas
  • Tips and tricks on planning your shoots with the right software

This workshop is designed for intermediate photographers.


  • DSLR or Mirrorless camera
  • Your favourite wide-angle lens (~14mm to 35mm. The larger the aperture, the better)
  • Tripod
  • Laptop with Lightroom and Photoshop


– This workshop is designed for intermediate photographers. You should possess a good understanding of manual camera control and be familiar with the button layout of your camera (astrophotography happens in the dark).

About the lecturer: 

Paean Ng is an award winning nightscape astrophotographer from Perth, Western Australia. By night he travel to various iconic locations around Western Australia to capture the beauty of the night sky through photospheres and panoramas. Often spending sleepless nights out in remote parts of Western Australia to photograph the raw landscapes and stunning dark skies.

His work has been featured in international publications like the CNN, The Straits Times and Photographing Space, and is the co-founder of the Perth Astrophotographers group. Paean specializes in ultra-high resolution panoramas and 360 photospheres of the night sky and uses self-developed methods to process his images for a dramatic look.


We reserve the right to alter or cancel any workshop at any time. Sometimes for reasons including, but not limited to, too few participants, adverse weather, instructor illness, logistical problems or any other circumstances, which may make operation of the workshop inadvisable. If any workshop has to be cancelled by us, then all fees are refunded in full or you may choose another date or workshop.

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