Wedding Photography


For most photographers, the idea of shooting a wedding is just a little bit terrifying. This once-in-a-lifetime event carries high expectations, heavy levels of responsibility and pressure to produce something perfect in any situation. But there is more to the process of wedding photography than stress.


This workshop will teach you how to capture the images that matter and to tell stories worth remembering. You will have the freedom to tell those stories in your own style, making it infinitely more valuable than being “perfect”.


If you have ever desired to create meaningful images in your personal style as well as getting paid for it, then this workshop is for you.


Over four sessions we will work through the concepts of storytelling and the tips and techniques that will provide power to the narrative. We will roleplay a wedding day from start to finish, discuss lighting, relationships, workflows and backup systems as well as learn about the evolution of post-production.


There will be Q & A at the end of every session and at the end of the course, you will have the opportunity to participate in a 1-day on-location wedding shoot.


The world needs storytellers and you can bring your newly developed skills to every wedding shoot with confidence and creativity.


Wedding Photography is held on a Wednesday evening for 4 weeks.


1-Day Wedding Practical

Our intensive wedding workshop is designed for avid photographers to role-play a wedding shoot, edit the images and present final work.


Please note: 1-Day Wedding Workshop Practical is optional and at an additional cost.



4-week course

  • Notepads, pens and learning material will be supplied throughout the course
  • Laptop (optional)


1-Day Wedding Practical

  • Camera and lenses
  • Chargers
  • Hard drives or back up devices
  • Laptop with Lightroom installed (preferred)
  • Sturdy enclosed footwear



  • Students must have a sound understanding of their camera’s functions and are confident in the use of Manual Mode
  • Composition, pose and emotion
  • A crash-course on light behaviour
  • Drawing from the history of art
  • Resources to challenge your assumptions on wedding photography
  • Modern day wedding culture
  • The Big Day – a wedding day walk-through
  • Workflow and marketing
  • Business structure and making money
  • Developing a portfolio
  • Networking and client relationships
  • How to make your clients cry
  • How to live and create art in a meaningful way
  • Different platforms for wedding photography
  • Discover your unique selling point
  • Tips for creativity
  • Why do you like to create?
  • Turning a Raw image into a final artwork
  • Review of images and feedback

Nathan Maddigan is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Perth WA and is known for his unique style of “moments” over “perfection”.  He shoots relationally and experimentally and aims to create a close working relationship with his clients.


He is an associate and a past president of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and currently holds the 2015 WA AIPP Album of the Year. Nathan is the current WA AIPP Wedding Photographer of the Year.


for 4 week course

for 1 Day Wedding Practical

for 4 week course plus 1 Day Wedding Practical

for 1 Day Wedding Practical for Students


4 weeks for 3 hour


Nathan Maddigan 2017 AIPP Western Australian Professional Wedding Photographer of the Year.

Dates and Times

Wednesday 6pm - 9pm

See here for our calendar of all our classes and start times.

Class Size

8 - 15 people