Travel Photography


Get lost and discover the remarkable rhythm of life!


Join us for Travel Photography and learn everything you need to know about shooting on location and exploring your holiday destinations!


Get off the trail and experience unexpected sights and cultures wherever you go! Discover what it means to humanise your images and what your camera bag should include!


In this workshop you will discover what it means to be a travel photographer by heading to Shoot Workshops for a 2 hr session from 6pm – 8pm on a Tuesday evening.


Then on Sunday from 6pm – 8pm, we will meet you in Fremantle for an evening of street, landscape and night photography to develop your skills as you wander and explore.


Lastly, send your two best images to Stan Davies and you will receive critical feedback and post-processing tips!


Book now as there is limited seating.

Equipment needed

Please bring along your DSLR, mirrorless or compact camera as well as any macro, landscape or portrait lens if you have one.


Stan will be able to assist you with your camera gear and offer helpful suggestions for your travels.

  • Camera kit essentials for travelling


Learn how to photograph:


  • Landscape – get off the tourist trail!
  • Wildlife – Don’t be afraid to isolate features of the subject, zoom in!
  • Street – Night photography, alley way, shop fronts and street lights
  • People – Respecting your subject and getting consent
  • Architecture – Perspective, composition, balance and tone
  • Macro – Small plants, insects and reptiles



Over the last 40 years Stan Davies has been actively involved in many forms of photography; weddings, portraits, sports, landscapes and wildlife. Nothing is more challenging and satisfying than travelling to other cultures and cities to record their way of life. Over the past decade Stan has travelled widely to many exotic destinations photographing the way of life and capturing stunning landscapes.


He has written travel articles on Venice, Budapest, Prague, Kangaroo island, Murchison, Kalgoorlie and Africa. In recent times he has run workshops for Nikon. With so many travel adventures, Stan has become an advocate of the new generation Mirrorless Cameras as they are lighter and conspicuous making them ideal for street photography. Stan’s work can be seen on Flickr, Instagram and Facebook.




2 hr session x 2


Stan Davies

Dates and Times

Tuesday at 6pm - 8pm &
Sunday at 6pm - 8pm (Fremantle)
Tuesday at 6pm - 8pm &
Sunday at 7pm - 9pm (Fremantle)

See here for our calendar of all our classes and start times.

Class Size

20 people max

Entry Level