Introduction to Sony Mirrorless

Introduction to Sony Mirrorless is a comprehensive and educational half-day photography course.


This course is paramount for those new to their Sony Mirrorless camera and those wanting to grasp the basics of digital photography.


Learn how to drive your Sony  Mirror-less camera to get the most out of your images.


This course will include but not limited to:

  • Understanding and Navigating Menu
  • ISO
  • Light Meter
  • Program Modes
  • Focusing Modes
  • Image Quality
  • Exposure Compensation
  • any individual technical questions

Equipment needed


Please bring along your fully charged Sony Mirrorless Camera, lens(es), memory card  and camera manual

Part 1: Camera Controls, Focusing and Understanding Light


Part 2: Understanding Lenses and Aperture


Part 3: Shutter, Fast and Slow Speeds, Flash and Low Light Photography

Jon Green has enjoyed working as a professional photographer since completing his photographic studies in 1989. It was while employed as the university photographer for over eight years at Edith Cowan University, that Jon expanded his passion and skills for photographing both the performing arts and the fine arts.

He has spent over 27 years working as a professional photographer. During the last 19 years, Jon has built up a very successful business as a professional freelance performing arts photographer. Working full time servicing the arts industry for promotional needs, documenting arts activity and performances for archival and promotional purposes for most major companies and venues in Perth. He has created a niche in the specialised field of performing arts photography.





3 hours


Jon Green

Dates and Times

Saturday 9am-1pm See here for a calendar and start times of all our classes

Class Size

8 people

Entry Level