Night School for Photographers

Want to become a Professional Photographer? Then this is the course for you!


This course will be split over 2-hour sessions for 4 weeks on Monday nights from 6:00pm – 8:00pm.


Cyrus will cover a range of different topics that will help you with your photography business to grow and become a professional photographer.


You will learn about marketing, pricing & strategies on these topics ;

  • How to make money as a photographer
  • Fine art photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Social Media


Please read detailed course outline on the tabs below.

How to make money as a photographer


  • Cyrus shares a few tips about how to start earning from your hobby as a  photographer.
  • We love photography, photography can be an expensive hobby. So wouldn’t making a little money on the side be a good way to grow your hobby or even a stepping stone to going professional?
  • The ideas shared in the workshop will even help established photographers and any running a creative related business like design, art and content creation.


In 1.5 hours we will cover:

  • Seven ways to start selling within the week.
  • A list of suppliers and business models to get you started.
  • Setup considerations be to legal (tax, insurance, compliance).
  • Realistic earnings in the first year.
  • How to calculate a fair portraiture photography rate.
  • There will be time for Q&As and a discussion.
  • BONUS INCLUSIONS ($120 in extra value)
  • “Business of Wedding Photography” eBook emailed to you
  • Unlimited email consultation for 7 days to ask Cyrus anything about the business of photography.


Portrait Photography 

  • What makes an iconic portrait
  • Why Do People get portraits
  • 24 emotional states
  • How to Tell a Story
  • Importance of memories
  • Types and Styles of Portrait Photography
  • Its all about connections
  • The importance of relationships in photography
  • How a professional business head shot enhances client engagement
  • Eyes – The Windows to The Soul
  • How is Photography Related to Relationships
  • How Photography Enhances Relationships
  • How to Get People Comfortable Before a Portrait Session
  • Life in pictures – from maternity & birth photography to funerals
  • Mood & Atmosphere
  • Must-Have Portrait Gear
  • Origins of The Word Bokeh
  • Posing Tips
  • What Will They Think of Us Looking Back on Photos, generations to come
  • Why Prints and Canvas are Better than Digital Files
  • What to advise clients What to Wear at a family photoshoot

Fine art photography

  • What is fine art Photography
  • Comparing to portrait photography
  • Why fine art photography is good for mental health
  • What is mindfulness photography



  • Landscapes & Nature
  • Abstracts
  • Fung Shui notes about art, colour and shape



  • Selling to customers vs selling to corporates
  • Entering competitions
  • Applying to grants



  • How to market for opportunity
  • How to prospect for new clients



  • How to build a portfolio
  • How to show a portfolio
  • Using fotomerchant to sell art
  • Wholesale partners
  • Etsy, eBay and selling online
  • Gumroad



  • Selling Postcards, greeting cards and calendars
  • Selling books
  • On demand
  • Print runs
  • In partnership
  • Selling prints and canvas
  • Markets
  • Through agents and partnerships
  • On Consignment
  • Branded products
  • More types of products to sell
  • Stock Photos privately and through agencies
  • How to sell a digital file

Social Media


  • What to post
  • Page or profile
  • Posting to groups
  • Tagging suppliers and clients
  • Tips to get more interaction by inviting others to tag friends
  • Image copyright on Social media
  • Selling vs showing
  • How frequently to post



  • Ways to post on professionally edited images on Instagram
  • The goal for hashtags
  • Other tips to go viral
  • Keeping to a Strong focused theme vs posting anything
  • How to promote events
  • Seeking cross promotions
  • How to encourage referrals
  • Importance of testimonials and tips to get more
  • Ad tips and do they work
  • Other social media outlets
  • Phone apps that act like social media

Cyrus found a vocation in photography in 1994, and even before had been snapping away whenever he could.


During the first 4 years Cyrus exhibited in galleries & cafés and sold to collectors.


The demand in wedding photography, however, focused his energies towards being a wedding specialist and mentor to many new wedding creatives.


In 2008 this culminated in the founding of Emotion Image, a studio made to promote this new pool of talent.


Today Cyrus continues to specialise in weddings and has been nominated in 2008, 2009 and 2010 for Australia’s “Top Wedding Photographers”.


In 2011, Cyrus returned to mainly waterscapes. His new works are full of vibrancy and many depict surreal scenes over long exposures at dawn, dusk and night.


Cyrus has been published in Perth based Artist’s Chronicle, Nationally in Capture Magazine, has had four stories published in the West’s “Inside Cover”, and been interviewed by Todd Johnson on ABC radio.




4 day course (2 hours per day)


Cyrus Roussilhes

Dates and Times

DAY 1 - Monday 25th, March 6:00pm - 8:00pm
DAY 2 - Monday 1st, April 6:00pm - 8:00pm
DAY 3 - Monday 8th, April 6:00pm - 8:00pm
DAY 4 - Monday 15th, April 6:00pm - 8:00pm

See here for our calendar of all our classes and start times.

Class Size

8-12 people

Entry Level, Featured, Intermediate