Want to learn how to edit your photos with Lightroom?

Tailored to beginners.


You can either come along with lightroom preloaded on your laptop or just come along to observe and take notes.


Follow along as Cyrus demonstrates Lightroom editing with commentary and answering any questions when needed.

Bring your own work as you may have time to apply what you’ve learned and have a chance to go through your own editing.


Learn Lightroom through a holistic approach, how workflow, backup and photoshop works with Lightroom …

* Shooting in RAW or JPEG and what this means in editing
* Importance of Backup Workflow (pre & post edit)

* What is Lightroom (editing & cataloguing & more)
* First time setup of Lightroom Export Preferences

* Overview of 5 levels of editing
* To cull in Lightroom or in Photo Mechanic?
* How to import images into Lightroom
* Applying your personal batch edit signature in Quick Develop pre-edit

* Develop (Basic mode)

* Exporting to JPEG

* Cropping & Spot Removal
* Detail mode
* Lens Correction
* Transformation

* Photoshop
* Photoshop quick fixes
* Photoshop actions
* Automated skin retouching using Imagenomic – Portraiture 3
* Black & White Editing using Nik Silver Efex
* How to slim down & change facial features using Liquify

From import to finish
* Editing workflow for Portraits & Weddings
* Editing workflow for events
* Editing workflow for Real Estate
* Editing workflow for landscape and macro

* Delivering to Client
* Archiving imagines
* Resizing for Facebook and internet
* Habit of selecting best for portfolio & promotion


  • Laptop or tablet with Lightroom installed
  • A selection of images you would like to work on
  • Any hard drives or backup devices
  • Chargers

* About previews
* Quick Develop Hack
* Setting up export settings
* Sharpening for screen and print
* Keyboard Shortcuts
* Are presets useful?

The Develop module:
* Basic
* Tone Curve
* Split Toning
* Lens Correction

Cyrus found a vocation in photography in 1994, and even before had been snapping away whenever he could.


During the first 4 years Cyrus exhibited in galleries & cafés and sold to collectors.


The demand in wedding photography, however, focused his energies towards being a wedding specialist and mentor to many new wedding creatives.


In 2008 this culminated in the founding of Emotion Image, a studio made to promote this new pool of talent.


Today Cyrus continues to specialise in weddings and has been nominated in 2008, 2009 and 2010 for Australia’s “Top Wedding Photographers”.


In 2011, Cyrus returned to mainly waterscapes. His new works are full of vibrancy and many depict surreal scenes over long exposures at dawn, dusk and night.


Cyrus has been published in Perth based Artist’s Chronicle, Nationally in Capture Magazine, has had four stories published in the West’s “Inside Cover”, and been interviewed by Todd Johnson on ABC radio.




3-Day Class for 2 hours (6 hours total)


Cyrus Roussilhes

Dates and Times

Wednesdays 6-8pm

See here for our calendar of all our classes and start times.

Class Size

8 - 10 people

Entry Level, Featured