This course will help expand your knowledge and confidence in using artificial lighting (speedlight/strobe) into your photography.  The workshop will focus on lighting people (portraits), but will enable you to apply the skill throughout all areas of your photography.


A variety of lighting techniques will be discussed and demonstrated with the emphasis on understanding the three main aspects of light: direction, quality, and depth. Step-by-step instruction is covered in setting up the lights and choosing the correct light modifiers: bare heads, umbrellas, soft boxes, etc.


Working with a professional model, in the practical portion of the workshop, all students will have the opportunity to test the theory and capture wonderfully lit portraits.


  • Understand the different types of lights (flash) and their relationship with light modifiers, from camera flash to studio strobes.
  • Develop the skill and confidence to use off-camera flash to enhance portraiture.
  • Learn simple lighting techniques that can be used in a multitude of situations.
  • Understand the relationship between ambient light & artificial light and how to combine both.
  • Develop knowledge about the different types of flash, how and when to use them.
  • Understand positioning of light in relationship to your camera and the subject.


This workshop is designed for intermediate to advanced photographers.


  • DSLR or Mirrorless camera and your favorite portrait lenses (~50mm – 100mm)
  • Camera speedlight/flash (and remote triggers if you have them)
  • Fully charged camera battery & memory cards


  • This workshop is designed for intermediate to advanced photographers.  You should possess a good understanding of manual camera control to obtain correct exposure and your equipment.
  • A passion to make great images

Stefan Gosatti is a freelance editorial, commercial and sports photographer.

A working ‘gun-for-hire’ since 2001; on location and from his studio in North Perth. Amongst many commercial clients, Stefan also works regularly for Getty Images, shooting runway fashion around Australia.

He is currently the West Coast Eagles (AFL) sports photographer, and flies around the north of the state documenting mining/resource projects.

From within his studio he snaps portraits for corporate WA, aspiring actors, personal clients, fashion and food/ product/lifestyle advertising campaigns.

In his spare time he presents workshops for Nikon and Profoto around Australia.




6 hours


Stefan Gosatti

Dates and Times

Wednesday 10:00am - 4:00pm
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Class Size

8 people


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