Introduction to Olympus Mirrorless


Master your Olympus mirrorless camera with this comprehensive and educational half-day photography course.


This course is paramount for those new to their mirrorless camera and those wanting to grasp the basics of digital photography.


Learn how to drive your Olympus Mirrorless camera to get the most out of your images.


This course will include but not limited to:

  • Understanding and Navigating Menu
  • ISO
  • Light Meter
  • Program Modes
  • Focusing Modes
  • Image Quality
  • Exposure Compensation
  • any individual technical questions


The class will include a Shoot theory component as well as an outdoors practical component.

Equipment needed


Please bring along your fully charged Olympus Mirrorless Camera, lens(es), memory card and camera manual

Part 1: Camera Controls, Focusing and Understanding Light


Part 2: Understanding Lenses and Aperture


Part 3: Shutter, Fast and Slow Speeds, Flash and Low Light Photography

Rod has been involved in the photographic industry since 1973. He has gained experience in photojournalism writing for the Daily News, WAngler and international motoring magazines. Rod has been employed in a variety of roles across photographic genres such as wedding, corporate, product, motor sport, cars and bikes, fashion and mining.

Over the years Rod has owned and used a variety of cameras and lenses ranging from his first SLR, the Minolta STR-101 through to his current DSLR the Pentax K3. Rod still uses film occasionally as he feels it helps remind him to concentrate on getting it right in-camera, not in Photoshop. Rod aims is to help others make the most of the equipment they are using to produce results they will be proud to hang on their walls.




4 hours


Rod Lawson Kerr

Dates and Times

Sunday 9am - 1pm

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Class Size

12 people

Entry Level