Printing Secrets


This comprehensive workshop will illustrate how to produce perfect prints every time. Whether you want to hang your work on your wall, give to a friend or sell commercially, you will be encouraged to develop your creative control over the output of your photographs.


Learn how to calibrate your monitor to produce the rich colours and detail you desire by taking the guess work out of your final prints. Gain knowledge on the latest, most affordable printers and experience how different papers can affect the quality of your images.


Discover the simplicity of colour management and work in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to reveal the magic in your photographs – you will not believe the difference.


You will produce colour and b + w prints during the practical component of the workshop as well as receive course notes, allowing you to apply your experience to your everyday workflow.


Printing Secrets a 1-day workshop held on a weekend.


  • Laptop with Photoshop or Lightroom install (preferable)
  • Hard drives or backup devices
  • A selection of images you would like to work on
  • Chargers



  • Students must have a sound understanding of their camera’s functions or have completed Learn to Shoot or similar before enrolling in this course.

Colour and Workflow

  • Colour management
  • A hardware calibrated monitor
  • Why Eizo monitors?
  • RGB and profiles: colour spaces vs. device specific profiles
  • LAB colour
  • Converting from one profile to another
  • Rendering: perceptual & relative colour
  • Black point mapping
  • Exporting images from RAW to a colour space
  • e.g. sRGB, Adobe, RGB’98, ProPhotoRGB
  • Colour settings in Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Image preparation
  • Special tweaks to make your image stand out



  • The difference between print quality
  • Monitor calibration and profiling
  • Practical run-through of different software
  • Print settings for Photoshop and Lightroom for perfect results
  • Final sizing and sharpening
  • Sending your images to the printer
  • Corrections and adjustments
  • Review work and feedback
  • Resources: websites, practitioners, helpful links etc.

Adam Monk is a landscape photographer based in Fremantle, Western Australia. Camping and hiking since he was young; Adam has always loved the wild untouched places in Australia and overseas.


Adam has practiced photography for more than thirty years and shares a passion for teaching and inspiring others. He currently operates a photography gallery in Fremantle from which he runs photography tours allowing the public to engage with some of the most remote landscapes in the world.


Adam believes that keeping it simple, working with light and shadow and being open to the beauty of natural environments is the key to taking exquisite landscape photographs.


$249 (+ $8.47 Eventbrite Booking Fee)


1-Day Class


Carlos Arévalo

Dates and Times

Saturday or Sunday 10am - 4pm See here for a calendar and start times of all our classes

Class Size

6 - 10 people

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