Picture Framing


Are you an artist, a photographer or just have a passion for framed prints? Do you want to reconcile a series of photographs but feel overwhelmed by all of the paper stock and framing options? Are you looking to exhibit your work but not sure where to start?


Our Picture Framing workshop offers the most current and creative ways to print, frame and hang your works for your home or gallery spaces. During this 1-day workshop, you will discuss colour theory, lighting considerations and printing for longevity to get the most out of your pictures. This is a semi-practical that will allow you to discern from the various printing materials, paper quality, canvas and mat board options as well as framing wood grains and finishes.


Learn how to enhance your work by considering glass reflections, placement within a space and working with available lighting conditions.


You will also learn how to propose work to galleries, prepare for exhibitions, pricing your work and taking advantage of floor layouts – how viewers move through the space and where to place your pictures.


This workshop offers the best conceptual and technical tips for framing your work.


Attendees automatically receive a discount at Studio 281 for all of their framing needs.


Picture Framing is a 1-day workshop held on a weekend.



  • Laptop
  • Charger
  • Portfolio / examples of your work or ideas for works

Framing Considerations

  • Mat board selections
  • Paper stock: printing for longevity, for under glass.
  • Reflection considerations
  • Colour relationships
  • Responsibilities of the framer
  • Enhancing your artwork
  • Composition
  • Sources of damage
  • Selection of materials and product (stockists and framers around Perth)
  • Hinging
  • Mounting options – how to hang and install work
  • Other mounting options
  • Dry mounting
  • Mounting 3-dimensional objects
  • Canvas stretching
  • To be aware of difficulties and disasters
  • Selecting the appropriate frame
  • Framing that sells
  • Tools and equipment you need to make your own basic frame
  • Irregular framing


Exhibition Considerations

  • How to approach galleries to exhibit
  • Preparing for exhibitions
  • Price and rate of work
  • Lighting considerations
  • Floor layout – traffic flow
  • Cognitive theory
  • Work placement considerations
  • Handling and storing artwork
  • Discussion and feedback

Aaron McPolin is a fashion and commercial photographer originating from Manchester, England. Aaron’s early influences came from his mother. As he watched her work at nail and hair salons, sparking his intrigue for beauty and coiffure as she nurtured his creativity. At 18, Aaron discovered his passion for photography, a progression from his love of portraiture drawing and his study in design at Curtin University where he now lectures.


Aaron regularly participates in Perth’s fashion and art community and has helped produce a multitude of exhibitions through his time as a framer and gallery director. Aaron exhibited his debut solo show at his first studio space in Subiaco, which ignited an interest in set design and revealed a talent for hosting a catalogue of events from runways to pop up shops for creatives, performing live photoshoots to the public and providing collaborative opportunities for artists to exhibit and work freely through his residency.


Aaron is now based at Paper Mountain, an innovative ARI in Northbridge, WA.


$199 (+ $5.97 Eventbrite Booking Fee)


1-Day Class


Aaron McPolin

Dates and Times

Saturday or Sunday 10am - 4pm See here for a calendar and start times of all our classes

Class Size

6 - 10 people

Featured, Masterclass