Industry Branding and Photography


This specialised photography course has been constructed for members of the Design Institute of Australia (DIA). This course offers an introduction to some of the key concepts of working within professional creative teams and implementing photography and marketing techniques to develop your brand and further your career.


Industry Branding and Photography is a masterclass that is tailored around your needs as a designer, photographer or artist and the challenges you face in your industry. Are you having trouble finding your style? Do you want to garner a wider online presence? Do you need help developing a network comprised of other artists, creatives or potential collaborators?


Our intent is to offer you the most effective ways to market your brand and your product – how to utilise the best social media platforms for your business dreams and to teach you unique ways to photograph your products whether it is furniture, jewellery, clothing apparel or architecture.


This course covers essential design and marketing concepts for every industry and creative pursuit. Work one-on-one with the lecturer to build your portfolio and boost your online presence.


Industry Branding and Photography has been developed for DIA members but enrolments are also open to the public.


Industry Branding and Photography is held on a weekday evening for 4 weeks.


  • Laptop
  • Charger
  • Portfolio / examples of your work or ideas for works
  • Camera



  • A sound understanding of your camera’s functions and the ability to use it manually
  • An intention or interest in pursuing photography, design and / or art as a career
  • A member of Design Institute of Australia (DIA)

Week 1: Introduction to Photography Concepts

  • Colour theory: moods, meanings, terminology and colour relationships
  • Framing and composition: what to leave out, balance and symmetry
  • Personal branding: discuss intentions, the challenges you face in your industry and receive group feedback + resources


Week 2: Studio Fundamentals

  • Studio lighting: hard lighting vs. soft lighting, colour and shading, contouring with light
  • Props and product photography: producing quality images for design, catalogues, retail and online presence – an eye for detail, problem solving
  • Working within a creative team: Professionalism, collaborations and communication techniques
  • Developing your portfolio: Show your diversity or focus on your niche. How to highlight your skill set.


Week 3: Personal Branding

  • Branding & marketing: designing your logo, online presence, advertising and business cards
  • Social media: Use the right platforms and apps for your brand. Learn how to develop a successful social media routine. (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Behance, Dribbble, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.)
  • Learn image files: Save for web, print and online distribution. (DNG, PSD, JPG, PNG, sRGB, Adobe RGB etc.) + working with stock imagery, intellectual property discussion
  • Working with clients and photographers: Sticking to the brief, know your client, work etiquette, communication on perceived outcomes


Week 4: Practical Studio Night

  • Photographing your concepts: What is your product? Draw inspiration from art history, architecture, narrative, film and popular culture.
  • Working with products: Bring your products – jewellery, clothing apparel, furniture, building models etc. and experience what it is like to be on a creative team
  • Product placement: Composition, balance and colour theory, lighting techniques and subject-to-background relationships
  • Touch on post-production: Lightroom and Photoshop

Aaron McPolin is a fashion and commercial photographer originating from Manchester, England.


Aaron’s early influences came from his mother. As he watched her work at nail and hair salons, sparking his intrigue for beauty and coiffure as she nurtured his creativity. At eighteen, Aaron discovered his passion for photography, a progression from his love of portraiture drawing and his study in design at Curtin University where he now lectures.


Aaron regularly participates in Perth’s fashion and art community and has helped produce a multitude of exhibitions through his time as a framer and gallery director.


Aaron exhibited his debut solo show at his first studio space in Subiaco, which ignited an interest in set design and revealed a talent for hosting a catalogue of events from runways to pop up shops for creatives, performing live photoshoots to the public and providing collaborative opportunities for artists to exhibit and work freely through his residency.


Aaron is now based at Paper Mountain, an innovative ARI in Northbridge, WA.


$249 for DIA Members (+ $7.22 Eventbrite Booking Fee) $349 for General Attendance (+ $9.72 Eventbrite Booking Fee)


4-Week Course


Aaron McPolin

Dates and Times

Tuesday evenings 6pm - 9pm See here for a calendar and start times of all our classes

Class Size

10 - 15 people

Featured, Masterclass