Food Photography


Whether you are an amateur, a blogger or a small business owner wanting to learn how to take better and consistent pictures of food, this class is for you. Food Photography allows you to perfectly capture the essence of food.


Learn the correct workflow that will allow you to take gorgeous pictures of food, on location or at home.


Work with natural light, speed lights and other simple tools, allowing you to recreate “window” light. You’ll learn simple techniques for food styling that will keep your food fresh and believable on set as well as the strategies for creating a thriving food photography business with a successful blend of online marketing and community building.


The main focus of this workshop is choosing the right light and angles, basics of composition and how to enhance the photograph using post-production techniques. Students are also encouraged to use their own gear as well as optimise their macro lenses.


The first half of this workshop will cover the theory and intricacies of food photography including food and prop styling and the second part you will be photographing various food items at The Brisbane Hotel, which will allow you to gain practical experience and feedback from the lecturer.


Our Food Photography workshop is held on a Wednesday.


  • Your camera gear
  • Macro lens (optional)
  • Laptop (preferable)



  • It is necessary that you have a good understanding of your camera before you enrol in this course. If you would like to refresh your basic camera skills, head to Learn to Shoot.

Preparation and Planning

  • Food types
  • Styling considerations
  • Props
  • Location
  • Where will the image exist?
  • A photographer’s toolbox


Basic Equipment

  • Camera
  • Lenses
  • Tripods
  • Lighting
  • Reflectors etc.


Camera settings

  • ISO
  • Aperture
  • Focus
  • JPEG vs. RAW


Techniques for Different Foods

  • The importance of placement
  • Creative lighting
  • Post Production
  • White balance
  • Workflow (Lightroom, Photoshop, Camera Raw, Capture One etc.)
  • File storage



  • Blogs
  • Food websites
  • Magazines
  • Editorials

Stefan Gosatti is a freelance editorial, commercial and sports photographer. currently working from his studio in North Perth.


Among many of Stefan’s commercial clients, Stefan works regularly for Getty Images, shooting sports and runway fashion around Australia.


He is the official West Coast Eagles (AFL) sports photographer and often travels to northern WA to document mining and resource projects.


At the moment, Stefan works from his studio in North Perth – focusing on portrait commissions, aspiring actors, personal clients, fashion, food and product photography.


Stefan also runs workshops for Nikon and Profoto.


$199 (+ $5.97 Eventbrite Booking Fee)


1-Day Class


Stefan Gosatti

Dates and Times

Wednesday 10am - 4pm See here for a calendar and start times of all our classes

Class Size

6 - 10 people

Entry Level, Featured