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Glamour on Location
January April and June 2012

Glamour on Location Workshop

The Glamour on Location workshop teaches you what to look for in a location, best times of day for mood and lighting, management and ethics of model instruction, how to pose a subject for glamour photography, fill flash and strobe techniques on location, how to match the exposures of model and background to best effect, and more.  A 3 hour Portrait Photo Shoot, using experienced Models and Professional Equipment will be arranged, allowing you to participate under instruction. You will be instructed in areas of Photographic Model Decorum, Management & Ethics, Fill Flash & Strobist Lighting Techniques, Image Composition & Camera Exposure Procedures and more. To participate in these Workshops, it is expected that you possess a DSLR Camera and have sufficient knowledge and understanding to adjust the settings of: Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and White Balance on your respective Camera, using the “Manual” Mode.

Some of the topics covered in this workshop include:

  • What to look for in a location
  • Times of day best for mood and lighting
  • Management and ethics of model instruction
  • How to pose a subject for glamour photography
  • Image composition
  • Fill flash and strobe techniques on location
  • How to match the exposures of model and background to best effect
  • Camera and equipment requirements
  • Exposure techniques

Lecturer – Hyrom Jones

Hyrom Jones has been a keen photographer since the early 1970s, although it has been only in the past few years that he has dedicated his full time energies to it. He has completed a number of courses on photography to bring himself up to date with the latest in techniques and equipment in the DSLR world, and has developed a keen interest and skill in various areas, including glamour photography. Hyrom’s understanding of locations and light has seen him rewarded with both the 2009 Australian Tourism Award and the 2010 WA Tourism Award. His skill in location work and his expertise in the management and posing of models for his glamour photography work come together in his Glamour on Location workshops, making for a very worthwhile learning experience.

Workshop Fees: $198 inc GST

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